What a Family

Time for a little miscellaneous.

I mentioned in an earlier post my trend in the direction of watching more YouTube videos and less television, including sports and news, since COVID hit. I’ve already briefly discussed my interest in camping videos and will get into that topic at greater length in a future post. My YouTube viewing has also included many wildlife videos.

Of all the people and animals I’ve watched over the past year-and-a-half, none has been more captivating and mood-lifting than the exploits of a family of gorillas at the Kyoto City Zoo in Japan. There are several YouTube channels that update their activities on a frequent basis, so that new material is posted daily.. 

The family consists of Momotaro (father), Genki (mother), Gentaro (older son), and Kintaro (younger son).  

Momotaro (Dad)
Genki (Mom)
Gentaro (Big-Brother)
Kintaro (Little-Brother)

While each one has a unique and endearing personality, watching how they interact is often the most enjoyable aspect of the videos.

Both parents – and of course the children – were born in captivity. Momotaro, who is in his early twenties, was raised at another zoo by his mother without the presence of his father, but he is now in the position of protecting and helping to raise his own sons. He seems to have adapted to the role fairly well and is a good father, at least to the novice eye. 

Genki is in her mid-thirties – considerably older than her mate – and has been completely absorbed by raising and protecting her boys, especially the younger one, who now appears to have reached toddler stage. In Kintaro’s first year, her protective manner sometimes extended to shielding him from Momotaro and Gentaro, who she feared may be too inadvertently rough while holding or playing with the little guy. 

While Gentaro showed brief signs of jealousy over the amount of attention his mother gave Kintaro early on, the two brothers developed a strong bond before long and seem to get a lot of mutual delight from playing with each other. 

They all get along well with the zookeepers who work with them on a regular basis. Gentaro has a great relationship with one in particular and likes to show off for her. His dances and facial expressions are pure joy.

All the while, Momotaro watches over and protects his family, leaping into action at the slightest sense that harm may come to any of them.

After a recent bout of illness that spread around the family and that resulted in Momotaro being isolated for treatment for a period, all appears to be well now.

Back to food tomorrow.

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