Bernard Haitink: 1929-2021

The great Dutch conductor, Bernard Haitink, has passed away. Although he retired in 2019, I considered him to be the greatest living maestro.

I had the pleasure of seeing him conduct live once, in 2002 with the Vienna Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall. Bruckner’s eighth symphony was the entire program and it was a very memorable performance.


In this 1987 performance, Maestro Haitink leads the Royal Coincertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam in Mahler’s Symphony No. 9.

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2 thoughts on “Bernard Haitink: 1929-2021

  1. I had the great pleasure of having Haitink as my orchestra’s principal conductor. He was asked to become music director, but declined, saying he was too old for that position. We had him for four wonderful years of terrific performances and recordings. He really took the orchestra out of a very dark time into the light.

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