Italian for Lunch and a Fountain Treat at Night

When it comes to deciding what and where to eat, it’s become my habit over the past year-and-a-half to focus on what will work best for this blog. But I had to think outside the box Thursday when I went to lunch with my step-mother. She isn’t big on cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, so I gave her a couple cuisine options, and she chose Italian.

I wanted to go to a restaurant in her area and found one with mostly positive online reviews called Pasta Fazool, which is in Hatboro, PA. I’ve written about that town’s beautiful Main Street, but this place is in a small strip of shops and eateries that is off the beaten path.

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the outside of the restaurant, but the interior is tastefully casual and features photos of Italian celebrities on its walls.

We actually arrived a few minutes before they opened at noon, but the door was unlocked and the “open” sign was on, so we went inside and were given our choice of tables. 

Pasta Fazool of Hatboro, PA
Vincent T. Lombardi

They have a devoted lunch menu, but we were told that the dinner menu was also in play.

My step-mother opted for Chicken Piccata and a Caesar salad to start. I had pasta on my mind and chose cavatelli and broccoli in oil and garlic with no first course.

A basket of warm Italian bread was accompanied by olive oil and grated cheese. I like mixing them into a paste and dipping the bread into that.

The Caesar salad was a small one, but it came with the chicken entree.

I didn’t get any commentary from my step-mother on either the salad or her entrée, but she seemed satisfied.

My cavatelli was cooked perfectly, although I’d have probably liked the broccoli to have been chopped a bit smaller. I mentioned my pickiness over how I like my veggies cut in a recent post.

Chicken Piccata with angel hair pasta
Cavatelli with broccoli in oil and garlic

It was a pleasant, if not memorable lunch. I wouldn’t rule out going back to Pasta Fazool, although it might be better for dinner with a crowd. I’d like to try something with shellfish if that happens. 

While I enjoyed Thursday’s lunch, it didn’t provide the air of excitement that I experience from the types of food I normally write about here. To at least partially make up for that, I pulled out my milkshake-maker for the first time in a little while later that evening.

After considering a couple flavor options, I settled on a vanilla malt.

Loaded and ready to go.

It was a beauty for the most part. My one complaint is that the flavor was off just a tad, and I am pretty sure that’s because of the brand of vanilla ice cream I used. Tillamook vanilla doesn’t taste natural to me, but it was on sale and it’s tough to pass that up in these inflationary days. 

In any event, the texture was right on the money, and all of the ingredients were well proportioned. 

It’s always good to end the day on a high note. 

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2 thoughts on “Italian for Lunch and a Fountain Treat at Night

  1. Was your broccoli served warm or was it more of a room temperature dish? It looks good; I may have to try to find a recipe for it sometime.


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