Striking Burger Gold in Media, PA

Although cheesesteaks and pizza are two important parts of any balanced diet,  after focusing primarily on them for a couple weeks, I was ready for something different. What it would be was the question.

The answer was determined by the fact that it had been nearly a couple months since my last good burger, and I was starting to feel the itch to do something about that. 

My choice of where to get off the burger schneid this time once again led me to a Delaware County restaurant – this one in the county seat of Media, albeit not in their beautiful downtown. LP’s Burges & More has been on my list of places to blog about since I created it. I’ve considered them, only to go in another direction, more times than I can recall, but they would finally get their due – hopefully in a positive sense – Wednesday for lunch. 

Media, Pennsylvania

LP’s is in an attractive old building that looks like it could have been a home at some point. It had previously been occupied by Wimpy’s Original Burgers until the name – and I assume ownership – change took place a few years ago. In addition to burgers, their menu features cheesesteaks, hot dogs, an assortment of other sandwiches, salads and shakes.

They have a full array of toppings to choose from, but I went with my standard onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard for the cheeseburger I ordered. All LP’s burgers come with hand-cut kettle-style potato chips. There were upgrade options, including fries and onion rings, but I stuck with the chips. I often by-pass getting a side with burgers when I’m having a shake, which was the case on this occasion.

There was a small inside dining area as well as a few outside tables. While it was a pleasant day, I have struggled in the past to get good food photos outside due to the glare from the sun, so I opted to sit inside. 

My six-ounce burger, which was cooked on a flat-top grill, came on a traditional soft bun. The only thing that was a little off-putting at first glance was the thick and unusually shaped piece of pickle that was underneath the patty. But it turned out not to be the textural problem I feared it would be. 

Cheeseburger with onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard
I forgot to specify a cheese. They defaulted to American, which worked well for me.
This thick and oddly shaped pickle slice turned out not to be as problematic as it looked.

I didn’t have any expectations going into this meal, but my first bite of the burger was a real eye-opener. The meat had just a touch of pink inside, but was extremely juicy and flavorful. The grill chef really seasoned it well. I don’t know what cut or blend of beef they use, but it more than gets the job done. 

And six ounces is my ideal size for a single-patty burger. I am always caught in between and unsure of whether to get a single or double at places that serve quarter-pounders. 

The saltiness of the chips mixed well with the cool sweetness of my moderately thick black and white milkshake, which, as you can see, was made with Richman’s ice cream. I recently posted about one of their stands.

Black & White Milkshake

The shake could have done with a touch more chocolate syrup, but it was still high quality and very refreshing. 

It’s possible I’ll try a steak at LP’s at some point. But it may be difficult for me to resist ordering another burger if I return there.

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3 thoughts on “Striking Burger Gold in Media, PA

  1. I checked LP’s menu and they offer some nice cheese options; would you have picked something other than American had you remembered to specify? I probably would’ve chosen cheddar but the provolone-marbled bleu sounds interesting.

    My guess is that they use long-sliced pickles and you just happened to get the last piece of one.


    1. You’re probably right on the pickle. I would have gotten either Cheddar or American. It’s usually a tough choice for me between those two when they are both available.


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