Going Home to My First Pizza

The earliest memories I have of eating pizza – when I was very young in the late 60s – are set at Longhitano’s, a Southampton, PA, pizzeria that my parents and I frequented during our first few years living in that Bucks County town. The address they occupied in those days has passed to aContinue reading “Going Home to My First Pizza”

A Cheesesteak Change of Pace

Pretzel rolls have become an increasingly popular alternative for hamburgers and other types of sandwiches in recent years. But I had never heard of one being used for a cheesesteak until seeing a positive review for Jay’s Steak & Hoagie Joint of Langhorne, PA, which specializes in them. After several days of indecisiveness between goingContinue reading “A Cheesesteak Change of Pace”

Pinch Me – I Think I’m Dreaming

In a few early posts, I wrote about my food-themed travels primarily in the Midwest and New England. One of the restaurant genres for which I was always on the make during those trips was old-school hamburger and hot dog joints with an abundance of roadfood charm.  Carl’s Drive-In just outside of St. Louis andContinue reading “Pinch Me – I Think I’m Dreaming”

A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game

I had planned on returning to posting about food today with a cheesesteak report. But my wife mentioned an interest in pizza Saturday and there is a pizzeria near us I had been wanting to try since discovering them online a couple months ago. So the steak will hold until later in the week. HunnypieContinue reading “A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game”