My Ten Favorite TV Shows

While struggling a bit with what subject I should address in a new Top Ten list, it occurred to me that since I’ve already  posted on my ten favorite films, I may as well move over to the small screen and address TV shows. These are not my picks for the ten best shows ever;Continue reading “My Ten Favorite TV Shows”

Ten Favorite Westerns

I’ve addressed my fondness for Westerns – both movies and TV shows – in past posts. Here are ten of my favorite films from the genre.  I am not claiming they are the ten greatest Westerns ever made, although a few of them would also make that list. But these all struck a major chordContinue reading “Ten Favorite Westerns”

Relish Trays, Wood Paneling and Cornfields: My 2018 Trip to Iowa and Nebraska (part 2)

The following day began with breakfast in another small town; Winterset, Iowa, which is in Madison County, as in The Bridges of Madison County. But that wasn’t why we were there. I’ll get to that in a bit. First, breakfast. There are many sub genres within road food. One of my favorites is old-school drugContinue reading “Relish Trays, Wood Paneling and Cornfields: My 2018 Trip to Iowa and Nebraska (part 2)”

The Jeremy Dow Story

I didn’t like Westerns for much of my life. They dominated American popular culture for decades, then fizzled out as a genre just in time for my formative years. But a dozen or so years ago I suddenly had a hankering to watch classic Western films, a desire I didn’t fight. Then maybe six or sevenContinue reading “The Jeremy Dow Story”

Getting Started

After being told I should create a food blog a number of times over the years, I’ve finally decided to dip my toes in the water. I’m also using the experience to learn how to create a blog via WordPress. While it’s not strictly a food blog, I’m somewhat obsessed with the topic, so itContinue reading “Getting Started”