My Next Roast Pork – at a Northeast Philly Deli

While I am enjoying my Roast Pork sandwich project, I’ve already concluded that I simply can’t eat those every week like I did with cheesesteaks for roughly a year. The fact that I’m still averaging a steak every 1-2 weeks undoubtedly plays a role in that. There are only so many long-roll sandwiches I canContinue reading “My Next Roast Pork – at a Northeast Philly Deli”

My First Go at Biscuits with Sausage Gravy

Although biscuits with sausage gravy has been a popular breakfast staple in large swaths of the United States for virtually as long as the country has existed, it wasn’t particularly big where I grew up. In fact, I must have been at least well into my thirties before trying it for the first time andContinue reading “My First Go at Biscuits with Sausage Gravy”

Lunch at One of the Country’s Oldest Inns

Sunday was a near-perfect day. So it was a stroke of good luck that my wife and I had plans to meet with old friends for lunch at an ideal spot to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  Just a week after visiting Loretta’s Cafe in Bristol, PA, where I tried one of the PhillyContinue reading “Lunch at One of the Country’s Oldest Inns”

Revisiting a Favorite for another Steak and Pie

A select few of the many places I’ve visited for cheesesteaks since starting this blog in 2021 have excelled at both steaks and pizza. One was Joey’s Pizza of Thorndale, PA, which served one of the steaks I placed among the honorable mentions on my Top 10 list last year. But that was overshadowed byContinue reading “Revisiting a Favorite for another Steak and Pie”

The Straw Man of the Ukraine War

One of the unfortunate consequences of the highly politicized and fractured nature of current American public discourse is the extent to which many serious issues are framed in black and white terms. In most cases, looking at the shades of gray between the two extreme positions would be more productive.  I bring this up nowContinue reading “The Straw Man of the Ukraine War”

Returning to The Persian Grill After 30 Years

The Persian Grill in the western suburb of Lafayette Hill is likely the oldest restaurant that specializes in Persian food in the Philadelphia region. While I don’t know that for a fact, my last meal there before Tuesday was about 30 years ago, and they weren’t new then. If there is an older one, I’dContinue reading “Returning to The Persian Grill After 30 Years”

Trying the Philly Region’s Hot New Cheesesteak

I’ve mentioned many times that I regularly check in on Facebook’s cheesesteak boards for tips on where to find good ones. Since I began doing that in 2021 there has been a distinct pattern of a new steak shop – or at least new to the attention of most of the boards’ members – creatingContinue reading “Trying the Philly Region’s Hot New Cheesesteak”

Italian for Lunch and a Fountain Treat at Night

When it comes to deciding what and where to eat, it’s become my habit over the past year-and-a-half to focus on what will work best for this blog. But I had to think outside the box Thursday when I went to lunch with my step-mother. She isn’t big on cheesesteaks and roast pork sandwiches, soContinue reading “Italian for Lunch and a Fountain Treat at Night”

Back on the Roast Pork Italiano Trail

After a couple weeks without one, I was starting to feel just a touch of pressure to get back to my survey of the Philly region’s Roast Pork Italiano sandwiches. South Philadelphia is likely where the sandwich was created and is still home to more of them than any other part of the city orContinue reading “Back on the Roast Pork Italiano Trail”

Visiting an Old Favorite in Philly’s Chinatown

I’ve posted on visits to old-school Chinese restaurants twice in recent weeks, but it takes more than two meals for me to tire of a favorite cuisine. So when my wife asked if I’d be interested in accompanying her into Center City for a mid-afternoon meal Sunday in advance of her volunteering at the PhiladelphiaContinue reading “Visiting an Old Favorite in Philly’s Chinatown”