When a Gorgeous Setting Isn’t Enough

In a recent post that was partially about the lunch my wife and I enjoyed at the three-century old Spring House Tavern, I mentioned that there were several other historic taverns and inns within a few miles of there. We visited another from that group – the Joseph Ambler Inn of North Wales, Pennsylvania –Continue reading “When a Gorgeous Setting Isn’t Enough”

John’s Roast Pork: Living Up to Its Lofty Reputation

I mentioned in a previous cheesesteak post a month or so back that I attempted to go to John’s Roast Pork (JRP) in South Philadelphia late one morning, but their long line prompted me to keep driving and grab lunch at Avenue Steaks instead. I vowed to return to JRP earlier one upcoming day toContinue reading “John’s Roast Pork: Living Up to Its Lofty Reputation”

Returning to a Cuisine I Abandoned Years Ago

There was a period when I ate Thai food with some regularity, but it was 20-30 years ago. For some reason – perhaps just a narrow palate – I concluded that I have a decided preference for Chinese food and didn’t eat much Thai from that point on.  But we were getting together with myContinue reading “Returning to a Cuisine I Abandoned Years Ago”

My Steak and Pizza Momentum Continues

While my main eating focus going back to last summer has obviously been cheesesteaks, a handful of the restaurants I’ve visited for those have also excelled at pizza. At least one place’s pizza even outshined its steak in my opinion. And two of the past three restaurants I had visited for steaks – Da Vinci’sContinue reading “My Steak and Pizza Momentum Continues”

Favorite Sports Memories

A couple recent posts from an online Philly sports nostalgia group provided the inspiration I needed to return with another sports list. I was going to make it a Top Ten; but there is a four-part entry and another one that isn’t really a memory, but which I threw in for personal reasons. So thereContinue reading “Favorite Sports Memories”

A Return to Old-School Cantonese

Incredibly, for the second Sunday in a row, my wife asked if I’d like to accompany her on an errand and suggested I pick a place for us to grab a bite to eat in the vicinity of where we’d be. There are few words I enjoy hearing more than any combination that adds upContinue reading “A Return to Old-School Cantonese”

A New Contender: Lillo’s of Hainesport, New Jersey

Last week’s visit to one of the area’s most highly touted steak shops didn’t turn out as anticipated. I moved on to another red hot purveyor of Philly’s trademark sandwich today. As was the case the last time I crossed the Betsy Ross Bridge to sample two of South Jersey’s best cheesesteaks, my friend JimContinue reading “A New Contender: Lillo’s of Hainesport, New Jersey”

A Between-Cheesesteaks Chinese Food Interlude

My wife said the magic words to me Sunday: “Would you like to go to Trader Joe’s tonight? You can pick a place for us to have dinner near there.” I never need to be asked something like that a second time.  Media is the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It’s got a niceContinue reading “A Between-Cheesesteaks Chinese Food Interlude”

The Art of Sundae and Milkshake Preparation

I’ve written a couple posts that showed off my ice cream sundae-making capabilities, including one centered on a hot-fudge brownie sundae. There was another piece in which I briefly put the spotlight on Barone’s Italian Water Ice & Ice Cream of Drexel Hill, PA. My wife and I returned there this evening. The experience leftContinue reading “The Art of Sundae and Milkshake Preparation”

Oh Brother: Serving Cheesesteaks in the Shadows of History

With Only moderate success, I’ve been trying to push myself to get to the handful of elite cheesesteak shops that I still haven’t tried. And to that end, today’s lunch was at Oh Brother, which is in Old City, a now long-trendy neighborhood at the northeastern edge of Center City. It also borders and intertwinesContinue reading “Oh Brother: Serving Cheesesteaks in the Shadows of History”