Goomba’s Delivers Again

Some of you may recall that I’m in the process of revisiting all of the steak shops that made my top ten last year. This is being done in preparation for updating that list to a revised top 20 this coming fall. Holding down the number two spot on the initial list was Goomba’s PizzariaContinue reading “Goomba’s Delivers Again”

Visiting the Birthplace of the Stromboli

While strombolis have developed more of a national profile in recent years, the baked pizza pockets that are somewhat similar to the more well-known calzones originated in the Philadelphia region. It was in 1950 that Nazzereno Romano, who opened his Essington, PA, pizzeria six years prior, created the delicacy that has grown in popularity toContinue reading “Visiting the Birthplace of the Stromboli”

Heading to Paulie Gee’s for Slices and Nostalgia

Back in early April I wrote about my search for top-notch slice shops in the Philly region. While the area isn’t hurting for good pizzerias, many of the better ones don’t offer slices and I don’t always want to get an entire pie – especially at lunch-time. Online browsing turned up a couple of placesContinue reading “Heading to Paulie Gee’s for Slices and Nostalgia”

The Dim Sum Capital of Delaware County, PA

My wife’s birthday was this past week. Among other things, that meant we went out to dinner at a restaurant of her choice – and her pick came down to a pair of dim sum-centered Chinese restaurants in the heart of downtown Media, PA. The last time we ate at one of them – closeContinue reading “The Dim Sum Capital of Delaware County, PA”

Crossing the Delaware for One of Jersey’s Best Steaks

This week’s cheesesteak outing took me to Palmyra, New Jersey, for a return visit to the shop that held down the number six spot on my top ten list last year. Cockadoodle Dan’s has only been in business since 2020 and is known for chicken wings in addition to having rapidly gained a reputation forContinue reading “Crossing the Delaware for One of Jersey’s Best Steaks”

A Change to My Athletic Feats List

One of my more successful posts in terms of page views has been a list of the ten greatest athletic feats in recorded history that I released in early 2022. But I had been increasingly having doubts about one of the entries on that list in recent months – Nadia Comăneci’s perfect scores at theContinue reading “A Change to My Athletic Feats List”

Washing My First Ridley Ripper Down With a Coney

You won’t find a lot of hot dog posts when searching through this blog’s archives. In addition to my general preference for burgers, cheesesteaks and various other sandwiches, there simply aren’t that many shops or restaurants that specialize in hot dogs in the Philly region. We tend to veer toward the sort of long-roll sandwichesContinue reading “Washing My First Ridley Ripper Down With a Coney”

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Noisy Style

My wife and I spent part of this past weekend celebrating Mother’s Day with our two families. The festivities included dinner at CinCin, a classy Chinese restaurant in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia that is a favorite of my family and which I wrote about in late 2021.  The restaurant sits near the easternContinue reading “Celebrating Mother’s Day in Noisy Style”

Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving

I had been jonesing for a meatball sandwich for what seemed like a long time. The last one I ate was from DiNic’s at the Reading Terminal Market in early October of last year – and that was the first one I had eaten in quite a while. A little over seven months may notContinue reading “Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving”

A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less

It was only last month that I referred to an area in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs that runs through Southampton, Feasterville-Trevose, and a sliver of far Northeast Philly as a cheesesteak hot spot. There are a half-dozen steak shops within about 15 minutes of each other that all receive raves – albeit with varying degrees ofContinue reading “A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less”