Back to the Bowl

My hometown Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl for the fourth time. It’s only been five years since their last trip to the big game, which was also the only time they won it. While we’ve had our share of good teams in Philly over the years, the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and FlyersContinue reading “Back to the Bowl”

A Short Break From my Regular Programming

I’ve been trying to establish a pattern of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in recent weeks, but my body has stopped cooperating. It’s nothing serious, but I’m under the weather this week and don’t have an appetite for the kinds of food that are worthy of reporting on here. I also have a routineContinue reading “A Short Break From my Regular Programming”

Lunch at an Old-School Pizzeria and Steak Shop

My friend Joe was back in the area to visit family and asked if I was free for lunch Saturday. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and we set about determining where to go. As Broomall, PA is centrally located between my home and where he’d be, we looked at a couple restaurants thereContinue reading “Lunch at an Old-School Pizzeria and Steak Shop”

Why Not?: The Duck Cheesesteak

In a few of my earlier posts, I mentioned grabbing something to eat while on the way to visit my father. I drive a little less than an hour to see him each week, and while I don’t always mix a meal into the outing, it’s become fairly common. I need to eat a coupleContinue reading “Why Not?: The Duck Cheesesteak”

Elite Cheesesteaks Made on Four Wheels

I added a note to the bottom of my last post to alert you that I’d be checking out a new sandwich shop that serves a highly touted cheesesteak Tuesday. It turned out I was only partially right about that. Gazzos Steaks of Pottstown, PA, serves those steaks out of a food truck rather thanContinue reading “Elite Cheesesteaks Made on Four Wheels”

Family Meal at a Popular Suburban Italian Spot

While Center City and its adjoining neighborhoods are still the Philadelphia region’s lead dining destination in terms of depth of quality, it’s also much easier to find good restaurants in outlying sections of both the city and suburbs than it used to be. My wife and I took advantage of that – or so weContinue reading “Family Meal at a Popular Suburban Italian Spot”

Root Beer Float with a Twist

This is another in an occasional series of posts I’ve written about my home soda-jerk escapades. Here is a link to the entire series. I was fortunate to score several bottles of my favorite root beer for the holiday. Sprecher’s is brewed in Glendale, Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee. I drank a lot of itContinue reading “Root Beer Float with a Twist”

An Italian Hoagie with Staying Power

I’ve devoted a disproportionate amount of posts to sandwiches. While most of those have been about cheesesteaks, I’ve also written on corned beef, pastrami, meatball, roast pork and roast beef sandwiches. But with the exception of including a single shot of one I had eaten before starting this blog in a post on local mealsContinue reading “An Italian Hoagie with Staying Power”

Two More Hamburgers Near Me to Ring In 2023

It should come as no surprise that my first post of last year was about a cheesesteak. But in keeping with my more recent efforts to both diversify what I eat and write about and get back to one of the key foods that I neglected while downing all those steaks, I’m kicking off 2023Continue reading “Two More Hamburgers Near Me to Ring In 2023”