Lunch at a Historic Tavern and the Best Doughnuts Ever

My wife’s friend, Jen, the new queen of cagey, lives in California, but she sent my wife – with me tagging along – to an address in a northern suburb of Philadelphia to collect her birthday gift. We had no idea what that gift would be.  But the address was for the Whole Foods supermarketContinue reading “Lunch at a Historic Tavern and the Best Doughnuts Ever”

Return to Da Vinci’s to Try the Pizza and Revisit their Steak

I gave a glowing report on Da Vinci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria of Feasterville, PA, back in January. But while that cheesesteak was fantastic, I regretted not being able to try their pizza. I went alone, leaving me to eat the entire steak. And they don’t sell pizza by the individual slice. It’s a large –Continue reading “Return to Da Vinci’s to Try the Pizza and Revisit their Steak”

Stepping Up My Sunday Gravy Game with Pork Neck Bones

One of the reasons I went with a cheesesteak instead of pasta Saturday at Johnny Paisano’s was my plan to spend Sunday making red gravy with sausage. I tend to make fairly large batches of Sunday Gravy and eat it over pasta on a nearly nightly basis until it’s gone. And I was extra psychedContinue reading “Stepping Up My Sunday Gravy Game with Pork Neck Bones”

Back to Johnny Paisano’s for a Family Dinner

My regular readers may recall that I’ve already posted about Johnny Paisano’s, a casual yet charming Italian restaurant in my area. That earlier report was on lunch with a friend. I returned to Johnny’s with my wife’s family for an early Saturday dinner to celebrate her birthday and also – belatedly – Mother’s Day. WeContinue reading “Back to Johnny Paisano’s for a Family Dinner”

Lunch and Bowling for My Wife’s Birthday

I was somewhat surprised when my wife requested that we go bowling and out to lunch for her birthday – at least the bowling part was surprising. That’s an activity I would normally suggest. But when my wife says, “Let’s go bowling, Dude,” I’m not about to refuse; especially on her birthday. So we returnedContinue reading “Lunch and Bowling for My Wife’s Birthday”

On NATO Expansion and Revised American Strategy for Ukraine War

The two smiling faces in the above photo belong to NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, and Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, the latter having announced Finland’s intention to join NATO as quickly as possible. Swedish leadership has since made a similar announcement..  Of course, this latest round of NATO expansion and Finland’s – as wellContinue reading “On NATO Expansion and Revised American Strategy for Ukraine War”

LaSpada’s Original Steaks & Hoagies on MacDade Boulevard

I normally plan my cheesesteak outings anywhere from a few days to a week in advance – sometimes longer if a friend is joining me. But I went on a spur of the moment jaunt for a steak today. The chain of events that led to this bout of spontaneity began with the dinner weContinue reading “LaSpada’s Original Steaks & Hoagies on MacDade Boulevard”

A Beast of a Sandwich: Delco’s Original

I’ve posted a few times on Delco Steaks. One of their several locations is only about 10 minutes from me, and they’re very good. But there is another, unrelated place further west in Chadds Ford, Delaware County, PA, called Delco’s Original Steaks & Hoagies. Their steaks get some tremendous raves on Facebook. They also hadContinue reading “A Beast of a Sandwich: Delco’s Original”

My Ten Favorite TV Shows

While struggling a bit with what subject I should address in a new Top Ten list, it occurred to me that since I’ve already  posted on my ten favorite films, I may as well move over to the small screen and address TV shows. These are not my picks for the ten best shows ever;Continue reading “My Ten Favorite TV Shows”