A Short Break From my Regular Programming

I’ve been trying to establish a pattern of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in recent weeks, but my body has stopped cooperating. It’s nothing serious, but I’m under the weather this week and don’t have an appetite for the kinds of food that are worthy of reporting on here. I also have a routineContinue reading “A Short Break From my Regular Programming”

Christmas Eve in Bethlehem – PA

Among the many joys that came with marrying my wife, one of my favorites is her family’s various holiday and birthday traditions; none more so than how they celebrate Christmas. While most of our meals together are eaten at one of our homes, on Christmas Eve the entire family dines out at a restaurant somewhereContinue reading “Christmas Eve in Bethlehem – PA”

The Media’s Role In Our Failure to Communicate

We’ve reached a point in the U.S. where almost all major media outlets are pushing a narrative that favors one side of our great national divide and vilifies the other. While the Right has its media behemoth in Fox News and plenty of websites, most of the other mainstream print and TV outlets veer inContinue reading “The Media’s Role In Our Failure to Communicate”

Another Between-Cheesesteaks Interlude

I discovered the power of marketing today – in the form of a restaurant’s name and how it is displayed on its front facade. But before getting that far, my wife and I went bowling. It had probably been a couple months since our last outing to Sproul Lanes in Springfield, PA. I previously addressedContinue reading “Another Between-Cheesesteaks Interlude”

An Aussie Comic Classic

For a few years at the turn of the century, I lived within a short walk of Philadelphia’s three Ritz theater complexes, which specialized in art, foreign and independent films. It wasn’t unusual for me to go to a movie alone on weeknights after work. The theaters were often close to empty, and I enjoyedContinue reading “An Aussie Comic Classic”

Potential Consequences of Digging In on Ukraine

I’ve written about Robert D. Kaplan, a favorite writer and international affairs analyst of mine. One of his favorite sayings is that in order to avoid tragedy, leaders must think tragically.  That’s what renowned foreign affairs Realist, Professor John J. Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, does in the piece linked to below. He examinesContinue reading “Potential Consequences of Digging In on Ukraine”

On NATO Expansion and Revised American Strategy for Ukraine War

The two smiling faces in the above photo belong to NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, and Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, the latter having announced Finland’s intention to join NATO as quickly as possible. Swedish leadership has since made a similar announcement..  Of course, this latest round of NATO expansion and Finland’s – as wellContinue reading “On NATO Expansion and Revised American Strategy for Ukraine War”

My Ten Favorite TV Shows

While struggling a bit with what subject I should address in a new Top Ten list, it occurred to me that since I’ve already  posted on my ten favorite films, I may as well move over to the small screen and address TV shows. These are not my picks for the ten best shows ever;Continue reading “My Ten Favorite TV Shows”