Weekly Review: Sofie’s Steaks

I’ve driven past Sofie’s Steaks in Morton, PA, a number of times and have wanted try them for a while. The fact that they were closed down for a fairly long time delayed that. But I noticed recently that they’ve re-opened and decided to give them a shot as my weekly cheesesteak.

Sofie’s offers both regular and American cheese whiz, as well as Provolone and sliced American cheese on their steaks. I went with sliced American and fried onions. My other decision was whether to get a regular, which is 10″ or a foot-long large sandwich. I was told on the phone that the large is only a buck-and-a-half more and you get a lot more meat. That was all the temptation I needed.

While it was not a bad cheesesteak by any means, there were some issues that prevent me from recommending it without reservation, particularly given the steak shop competition in that area.

The first problem, which I noticed as soon as I grabbed the bag containing my sandwich, was that the roll is softer than I prefer. It had a nice chew, but I like a crust with body, and this one didn’t have any.

The meat could have used just a tad more seasoning. I added that at home, but if I was eating it out, that would have been a bigger issue.

There was more than enough meat in this sandwich, but the cheese could have been distributed more evenly. The fist half that I ate didn’t have enough. The second half, which I enjoyed more than the first, had plenty. That’s not an issue I run into often with steaks.

If Sofie’s were the only steak shop in my area, I’d probably go there at least occasionally, but as I mentioned, they have a lot of competition. And they are about to have more, as Delco Steaks, one of my favorites, is opening a new location about a mile north of Sofie’s any day now. I suspect that will alleviate any desire I may have to give Sofie’s another shot.

A large, foot-long cheesesteak from Sofie’s Steaks of Morton, PA
This half had a good amount of cheese. That was not the case with the other half.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Review: Sofie’s Steaks

  1. I wonder if they lost some personnel when they shut down and there are now some new people making the sandwiches. Maybe give them another try in a couple of weeks to see if they’ve improved?


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