Delco Steaks of Ridley, PA

I included the original location of Delco Steaks in one of my early blog posts in which I ran down a handful of the cheesesteaks I had eaten in the previous few months. They are in expansion mode and have opened another outlet within 10 minutes of where I live, which makes me extremely happy. They also now have a stand at the Wells Fargo Center, where the Sixers and Flyers play their home games. Another one will be opening soon in Media, PA.

This new spot in Ridley is in the building that used to house Charlie’s Hamburgers, which I’ve also written about. Charlie’s moved up the road a bit, making way for Delco Steaks. I’ve got no complaints about that. I can enjoy both places without having to go very far. And Delco Steaks has added a miniature golf course out back that they call Delcoland. Each hole has a theme related to one of Delaware County’s communities. I’ll have to check that out in the spring. 

While Delco Steaks is takeout only, they do have outdoor seating next to the mini-golf course. But I took my steak home to eat.

There is a mini-golf course behind Delco Steaks that I intend to check out during the spring.

I haven’t tried all of the elite cheesesteak shops in the area yet, so I can’t give an educated opinion on whether Delco Steaks is deserving of the ‘Best of Philly’ title that Philadelphia Magazine awarded them. Based on what I’ve read online, I would guess that’s a bit of a stretch. But they are arguably one of the better ones and probably the best in my suburban area. 

Steaks being prepared on Delco Steaks’ grill

The roll can make or break a cheesesteak. Delco Steaks uses seeded rolls from the Carangi Baking Company of Philadelphia and they are tremendous; definitely among the best steak rolls I’ve had. It’s not too doughy and the crust has a lot of body to it.

I ordered mine with Cooper Sharp cheese, which is their standard, although they offer several other options. There were also an abundance of tasty, chopped fried onions on it. 

There are steak shops that put more meat on their sandwiches, but I’m more about proportion than an overstuffed sandwich and I thought everything on my cheesesteak – meat, cheese and onions – was very well proportioned. The meat was also well-seasoned. Some places go a bit too light on seasoning, resulting in sandwiches that are somewhat lacking in flavor. That’s not an issue with Delco. 

One of the best steak rolls I’ve had

It was such a good cheesesteak that even my cat, Madge, liked it.

Madge is a notorious moocher, and she was in heaven when I gave her a taste of my steak.

I may wind up settling on Cooper Sharp cheese when going to Delco Steaks, but I’d like to try a sandwich with whiz next time. I also want to check out their burgers.

As I alluded to above, I’m extremely excited about having this place so close to me.

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6 thoughts on “Delco Steaks of Ridley, PA

  1. Despite the rather uneven seed distribution, that’s a good-looking roll! Is it available to the public for home use?

    I see that the menu mentions that “chopped” steaks are available upon request. I’ve always been under the impression that the meat is somewhat chopped anyway, so does this mean it’s just more finely chopped?


    1. I had heard of the Carangi Bakery as being a high quality supplier of steak rolls, but I had to look them up to see if they have a store front and it appears that they do. I saw photos of pizza on there too.

      I don’t really get that thing about asking for chopped steak. I haven’t asked for it either time, but it came chopped. I saw whole rectangular pieces of meat on the grill, pre-chopped.


  2. Horrible Overpriced and not edible food
    Threw out both sandwiches after one bite
    The bread was stale and I’m not sure wheee or what kind of meat was on the sandwich
    Fries were undercooked, soggy and cold
    Employee who waited on us was rude and unprofessional and was clearly not happy that we showed up 15 minutes before closing
    $42 waste of money
    First and last time I’ll ever eat their food !!!!!


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