Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022

I decided to break in 2022 before it has a chance to get settled. Of course, that means a cheesesteak. 

As I visited my father today, and he isn’t that far from Northeast Philly, my Plan A was to try an Italian deli in that part of the city that has a very highly rated steak. Unfortunately, they were closed for the holiday. So it was on to Plan B; that being a return to Delco Steaks in Ridley, which made my 2021 highlights and is also relatively close to where I live, making it easy to hit on my way home. 

Ridley, PA

Although I’ve already reported twice on Delco Steaks, both times featured sandwiches with Cooper Sharp cheese. I determined after the second of those that I needed to go back and try one with Cheese Whiz. I know some of you in other regions are probably making faces after reading that last sentence. And generally speaking, I’m not a Cheese Whiz guy. But it happens to work well on steak sandwiches, especially when fried onions are added to the equation. 

So I called in an order from my car – with a milkshake included this time around – and detoured over to Ridley to pick it up. Readers of this blog know I love milkshakes, and I had yet to try one from Delco Steaks, which offers vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with no malt option. 

My first shake of 2022
A cheesesteak with Cooper Sharp being prepared on the Delco Steaks grill.

The shake had a nice strawberry flavor. While it wasn’t very thick, it wasn’t thin enough for me to complain either. I enjoyed it.

While I picked up and ate the steak promptly after placing the order, it was wrapped extremely tight, which may have had something to do with how moist the the roll was. I don’t recall that being an issue with my other Delco cheesesteaks. It wasn’t as bad as it looks in the photos, but it also didn’t have the crusty quality that I enjoyed so much the last two times I ordered from Delco.

While I can’t be sure, there seemed to be a bit more meat on there this time around. But the Whiz was not as well blended in with that meat as the Cooper Sharp had been. 

Overly tight wrapping may have led to the moist roll.

All-in-all, while it was an above average cheesesteak with very nice flavor, I preferred the other two I had previously and will likely stick to Cooper Sharp when I order from Delco Steaks in the future. I’ll also hope they go a little looser on the wrapping.

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5 thoughts on “Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022

  1. “I know some of you in other regions are probably making faces after reading that last sentence.”

    And hand gestures. Don’t forget the hand gestures. ;^)

    That’s an interesting observation about the wrapping of the sandwich. It does stand to reason that if it’s harder for heat and moisture to escape they’re more likely to be absorbed by the bread.

    Do you know if Delco Steaks has ever had to deal with General Motors over the use of the name “Delco”?


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