Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA

I’ve begun to work my way through the list I compiled earlier this week of the remaining cheesesteaks I need to eat before I can put out my rankings of the top 10 for the Philly region. From my raw observations, there are four places in particular that seem to get singled out the most online for best in the area, and I had yet to stop at any of them. I was determined to change that today. 

Of the four, Goomba’s Pizzaria, in the northern suburb of Colmar, was most convenient for the friends who were joining me on this week’s cheesesteak outing, so we made arrangements to meet there. 

Goomba’s is a cute little shop that bills itself as takeout and delivery only. But they do have a couple outdoor tables and it was an abnormally warm February day, so we ate at one of those.

Goomba’s Pizzeria of Colmar, Pennsylvania
This is only a portion of Goomba’s large menu.

We ordered our steaks with Cooper Sharp cheese and fried onions and also shared a round of cheesesteak egg rolls.

Goomba’s stuffs 14 ounces of chopped and well-seasoned ribeye into their wonderfully crusty and not too doughy seeded rolls and blends it with an abundance of well-melted cheese and fried onions. It all worked together beautifully. This was one sandwich that lived up to its billing of being among the best to be had anywhere in the Philly metro area. 

One of the Philadelphia region’s best cheesesteaks

In addition to the steaks, we shared an order of cheesesteak egg rolls, which were also well packed with ribeye. I’ve only had them at a few places, but these were unquestionably the best of that small sample.

These cheesesteak egg rolls were packed with chopped ribeye and melted cheese.

While I couldn’t have been more satisfied after this meal, I wasn’t finished with my culinary adventures for the day. The topic of soft pretzels just came up in a conversation I had with a friend the other day. They are another of Philly’s signature food items and I mentioned that I haven’t had one since Covid hit. I used to take the train to and from work and the station near my office had a soft pretzel stand that I frequented often. But I haven’t had to commute to work in nearly two years. 

I decided to do something about the absence of soft pretzels from my diet today. After we finished our steaks at Goomba’s, I dropped one of my friends off at his home, which happens to be around the corner from a place called Jim’s Soft Pretzels in Warminster, PA. 

Warminster, Pennsylvania

I took out five mini pretzels to share with my wife later tonight. They’ll undoubtedly get hit with a healthy dose of mustard before being eaten.

I had one final food stop to make, and it was also in Warminster, just around the corner from Jim’s Soft Pretzels. Yum Yum Donuts has been around since 1963 and has three locations.

Dunkin Donut has really cornered the market in this area. There aren’t a lot of good independent donut shops. Yum Yum is an exception. 

Also in Warminster, PA

They have a wide array of top notch treats, but I opted for one filled with custard and covered with powdered sugar. 

I accidentally switched the camera setting on my phone to video before taking these last two shots. You’ll get to enjoy a snippet from near the end of Verdi’s Requiem while viewing the bottom one if you click on it.

I’ve got close to 20 cheesesteaks to go before putting out my rankings and intend to knock at least one sandwich off the list each week until I get through it. If any of my friends or family reading this – or even people I don’t know who are in or will be passing through the Philadelphia area – would like to join me on one of my cheesesteak outings, feel free to get in touch or let me know in the messages beneath any of my new posts.

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6 thoughts on “Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA

  1. Goomba’s rolls look outstanding, and well-suited for other, non-cheesesteak sandwiches. And Jim’s pretzels are really appetizing as well.

    I hope Goomba’s did the right thing and drained the truck’s vital fluids before parking it in what appears to be its final resting place.

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