Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA

Media is the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which borders Philadelphia to the west. It’s got an adorable little downtown with lots of small stores and restaurants, including a few sandwich shops. I’ve already written about my cheesesteak-eating experience at Big Al’s Eatery, which sits at the eastern end of downtown Media. Today, I tried Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches at the western end.

State Street Sandwiches sits at the corner of State and Orange Streets in downtown Media, Pennsylvania..

Regular readers of this blog, especially those of you who checked out my reports on past road trips, know that I have a fondness for classic – or at least classic-looking – restaurants that have what I sometimes refer to as roadfood charm. Pompei’s does not fit into that category. It looks and feels new, and indeed, they opened in 2018. Having said that, they have a nice seating area with a TV tuned to sports. If I worked in Media, I’d probably spend a few afternoons there.

Customers enter at the other side of the kitchen and ordering area, place and pay for their order, then walk up to the seating area, from which this photo was taken, if eating on site.
I arrived early. By the time I left, the dining area was a little less empty.
The condiments area. Those are pickles on the left and peppers on the right. At least one of the containers in the center contains horse radish or horse radish sauce. Pompei’s also offers hot roast beef sandwiches.

I had read one online review of Pompei’s cheesesteak from 2019 that indicated it could use more meat. That problem has most definitely been rectified since then. When My sandwich arrived, it was overflowing with beef. I wound up having to eat some off the top of one of the halves before I could pick it up and eat it without significant spillage. I do wish the meat wasn’t chopped so finely though. I prefer bigger pieces. But that’s not a significant complaint. Some people prefer the meat to be finely chopped.

The seedless roll was on the soft side without any crustiness. But it was fresh and I’d generally say it was high quality.

The sandwich’s overall flavor was very good. The meat was well seasoned and blended with an ample amount of American cheese that was melted to the point of being liquified and fried onions.

It also came with battered fries. I normally don’t order fries or any other side, figuring a cheesesteak is enough to eat. But these were crispy and made a nice companion to my main course.

Those puddles are drippings of liquified cheese combined with juice and grease from the meat.

I can’t say Pompey’s cheesesteak is among my favorites, but it’s a quality sandwich that I may return to at some point, and certainly would if I were regularly in Media at lunch time.

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6 thoughts on “Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA

  1. I don’t mind the fine chop on the beef, but if I had to have onions I’d prefer they be pretty thoroughly minced as well. I can’t recall ever seeing battered fries made in house, so I’m guessing yours probably came from a bag. Still, they can be quite enjoyable when they’re hot and crisp.

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    1. Thanks. Sorry to see that. I’ll get in touch with him. Yeah. It must be in the past few months that he got married. I heard about it. I’ve tried to arrange lunch with him, but it’s virtually impossible. You and I will have to go on our own or with Nancy.


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