The Brownie Sundae

As a rule, I like to have the basics to make any number of soda fountain treats on hand. One never knows when a sudden craving for a milkshake, float or sundae will strike.

This week’s object of my desire was a brownie sundae. This came about when I picked up a small container of pre-made brownies at the supermarket while doing the weekly grocery shopping with my wife. She used to be a professional baker and scoffed at the notion of buying a store-made product that she could make better at home. And she knows just how I like them; cakey – as opposed to fudgey in consistency – and packed with toasted walnuts.

My wife followed through on her pledge yesterday.

Pre-cut brownies, still warm

While I enjoy a plain brownie, especially one with nuts, as much as anyone, I also have a mind that is always searching for ways to spruce up dessert. In this case, that meant turning my wife’s wonderful treat into a brownie sundae.

The classic brownie sundae is a scoop of vanilla ice cream over a warm brownie, topped with hot fudge and whipped cream; the four basic food groups.

It would be nice if this was health food.

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