Delco Steaks: Avoiding the Soggy Roll Problem

Delco Steaks’ reputation and popularity have been growing lately. They are in expansion mode and even have a stand at the arena where the Sixers and Flyers play.

I’ve reported on them a couple times already; once each for their original Broomall spot and the newer Ridley location. But I didn’t feel I was getting the full measure of their cheesesteaks either time because I took both home to eat, and by the time I unwrapped them, the roll was soggy. I’ve mentioned in a couple recent posts that I’ve instituted a policy of eating all steaks where I buy them to avoid that issue and have been intending to return to Delco Steaks to try one on location. I got around to doing so today; stopping at the Ridley outlet for lunch.

While there is no inside seating at Delco Steaks, they do have a nice outdoor complex around back that includes picnic tables as well as a mini-golf course with a Delaware County theme.

Delco Steaks’ Ridley location
It’s a little chilly today for mini-golf, but I will take advantage of this opportunity at some point.

I can definitely see enjoying future cheesesteaks at those picnic tables, which are just out of view in the above photo. But there is a stiff wind in this area today, so I ate the steak in my car.

There was no sogginess issue with this roll. The only moisture on it was from the overflowing melted cheese.

As you can see above, eating the steak on location shortly after it was made eliminated the soggy roll problem. Compare today’s sandwich with the one I took home to eat in early January:

This is the cheesesteak I took home from Delco Steaks a few months ago. You can see how soggy the roll gets when it sits in the wrapper a while.

While I wouldn’t quite put the seeded roll from South Philly’s Carangi Bakery up there with the best I’ve had, it was certainly above average. And it was filled with a lot of well-seasoned meat that was blended with a huge amount of Cooper Sharp cheese and fried onions.

I’ve had a few steaks during these past months that needed more cheese. If anything, this one possibly could have done with just slightly less of it. But that’s a matter of personal taste. I know a lot of cheesesteak-lovers for whom there is no such thing as too much cheese. 

That is truly an abundance of cheese.

This was an upper echelon cheesesteak. We’ll see if and where it winds up in my final rankings when I am prepared to release those. I anticipate that will be some time this coming summer.

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5 thoughts on “Delco Steaks: Avoiding the Soggy Roll Problem

  1. If you were to explain why, do you think there might be a place that would give you a carryout cheesesteak in kit form? Meat and cheese (and onions for you but not me) in a container with the unfilled roll wrapped separately? Or would you be run out of town on a rail, never to be seen or heard again?


    1. I’ve heard of places doing that for catering situations, where there are large amounts of everything. But I haven’t heard of that for someone just picking up a regular order. And to tell the truth, I don’t think it would interest me.


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