A Between-Cheesesteaks Chinese Food Interlude

My wife said the magic words to me Sunday: “Would you like to go to Trader Joe’s tonight? You can pick a place for us to have dinner near there.” I never need to be asked something like that a second time.  Media is the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It’s got a niceContinue reading “A Between-Cheesesteaks Chinese Food Interlude”

Jade Garden of Dresher, PA for Old-School Chinese

I mentioned in my ode to the retro Chinese food I grew up eating that there were a couple restaurants that fit the bill in the Philly suburbs I hoped to get to in the coming months. It turned out that one of those – Golden Dragon –  is still only open for takeout. WhileContinue reading “Jade Garden of Dresher, PA for Old-School Chinese”

Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant

The Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant  of Conshohocken, PA, would be the closest thing to the Philly region’s living embodiment of the sort of old-school Chinese restaurants that appear not to have changed since the 70s or 80s. But they are part of a disturbing trend of Chinese restaurants – at least in this area, butContinue reading “Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant”

My 2021 Food Highlights

Another unusual year has come and just about gone. It would be remiss of me to pass up an opportunity to do a year-end roundup of my culinary highlights of 2021. I’ve actually only been blogging since September and don’t have a record of everything I’ve eaten going back to the start of the year.Continue reading “My 2021 Food Highlights”

CinCin: Chinese Food Elegance

At the suggestion of my long-time friend and colleague, Virginia, she and I ventured to the delightfully quaint Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia for lunch at CinCin. I ate a lot of meals in Chestnut Hill during the 90s and CinCin was one of my somewhat regular haunts back then. But this was the firstContinue reading “CinCin: Chinese Food Elegance”

Da Chen Chinese Restaurant

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of classic Cantonese restaurants in the Philadelphia region on here, but there is a place that is only about 15 minutes from me that fits the bill pretty well. The lack of foil-wrapped chicken on their menu takes a little of the luster off from my perspective, and I wasContinue reading “Da Chen Chinese Restaurant”

Sang Kee Peking Duck House

While Sang Kee Peking Duck House does not fit into the mold of old-school Cantonese restaurants that I posted on recently, they are one of the oldest surviving restaurants in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. They were also one of the first that didn’t fit that mold. Sang Kee’s reputation was built on its Kong-style barbecued meats andContinue reading “Sang Kee Peking Duck House”

Clams, Pizza and Clam Pizza

Connecticut is somewhat akin to Disney World for roadfood lovers. It’s a great state for so many different sub-genres, including New England style seafood like fried whole-belly clams and lobster rolls, pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers and probably more that I’m either not thinking of or haven’t experienced there yet.  My wife and IContinue reading “Clams, Pizza and Clam Pizza”