Curly’s: Legendary for Ultra-Cheesy Steaks

My tour of the cheesesteak purveyors that made my top ten last year continued with a visit to Curly’s Creations in Levittown, PA. They’ve already gained legendary status for their steaks in spite of opening just a few years ago. In fact, when I first joined Facebook’s largest cheesesteak group in 2021, Curly’s was unquestionably theContinue reading “Curly’s: Legendary for Ultra-Cheesy Steaks”

Return to Curly’s – and Where to Find Shaved Ribeye

In last week’s post on Angelo’s Pizzeria, I mentioned that there had been a tremendous sense of anticipation leading up to my first visit to Curly’s Creations in the northern suburb of Levittown, Pennsylvania. While it’s a little less clear-cut now, they were unquestionably the most popular steak shop among the roughly 70,000 members ofContinue reading “Return to Curly’s – and Where to Find Shaved Ribeye”