Giving Light Cheese a Shot

It should be obvious by now to those who have followed this blog that I don’t like extra-cheesy cheesesteaks. Rather I prefer the meat to be front and center with the cheese in more of a supporting role. On more than a few occasions it’s been recommended to me on social media that I orderContinue reading “Giving Light Cheese a Shot”

What a Difference a Roll Makes

After the Goomba’s outing this past Saturday, my assumption was that it would be a week until I ate another cheesesteak. But that was before I bumped into my next-door neighbor while returning from a walk a couple days ago.  We got to talking about cheesesteaks and he mentioned that the owner of the closestContinue reading “What a Difference a Roll Makes”

Goomba’s Delivers Again

Some of you may recall that I’m in the process of revisiting all of the steak shops that made my top ten last year. This is being done in preparation for updating that list to a revised top 20 this coming fall. Holding down the number two spot on the initial list was Goomba’s PizzariaContinue reading “Goomba’s Delivers Again”

Crossing the Delaware for One of Jersey’s Best Steaks

This week’s cheesesteak outing took me to Palmyra, New Jersey, for a return visit to the shop that held down the number six spot on my top ten list last year. Cockadoodle Dan’s has only been in business since 2020 and is known for chicken wings in addition to having rapidly gained a reputation forContinue reading “Crossing the Delaware for One of Jersey’s Best Steaks”

Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving

I had been jonesing for a meatball sandwich for what seemed like a long time. The last one I ate was from DiNic’s at the Reading Terminal Market in early October of last year – and that was the first one I had eaten in quite a while. A little over seven months may notContinue reading “Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving”

A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less

It was only last month that I referred to an area in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs that runs through Southampton, Feasterville-Trevose, and a sliver of far Northeast Philly as a cheesesteak hot spot. There are a half-dozen steak shops within about 15 minutes of each other that all receive raves – albeit with varying degrees ofContinue reading “A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less”

A Cheesesteak Change of Pace

Pretzel rolls have become an increasingly popular alternative for hamburgers and other types of sandwiches in recent years. But I had never heard of one being used for a cheesesteak until seeing a positive review for Jay’s Steak & Hoagie Joint of Langhorne, PA, which specializes in them. After several days of indecisiveness between goingContinue reading “A Cheesesteak Change of Pace”

Can Number One Remain on Its Lofty Perch

After Posting one of my all-time raves about the cheesesteak I had from Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philadelphia last summer – then again after ranking them number one on my top ten list – I received mostly positive feedback from people who agreed with my lofty view of them. But there were also a fewContinue reading “Can Number One Remain on Its Lofty Perch”

Going Un-chopped in South Philly

Although I’ve written overwhelmingly about cheesesteaks that feature chopped meat, there are still stands and shops in the area that sell steaks with un-chopped – or slab – beef. The two notable slab-style sandwiches I’ve posted about have been those from Steve’s Prince of Steaks and Trev’s.  While neither of those places are in SouthContinue reading “Going Un-chopped in South Philly”

Positive Trend in a Cheesesteak Hot Spot

There are various hot spots around the Philadelphia region where multiple steak shops with strong followings reside within a relatively small radius. One of the hottest right now is unquestionably an area that starts in far Northeast Philly, just across the city line from Bucks County, and works its way north and west into Feasterville-TrevoseContinue reading “Positive Trend in a Cheesesteak Hot Spot”