What a Difference a Roll Makes

After the Goomba’s outing this past Saturday, my assumption was that it would be a week until I ate another cheesesteak. But that was before I bumped into my next-door neighbor while returning from a walk a couple days ago.  We got to talking about cheesesteaks and he mentioned that the owner of the closestContinue reading “What a Difference a Roll Makes”

Visiting the Birthplace of the Stromboli

While strombolis have developed more of a national profile in recent years, the baked pizza pockets that are somewhat similar to the more well-known calzones originated in the Philadelphia region. It was in 1950 that Nazzereno Romano, who opened his Essington, PA, pizzeria six years prior, created the delicacy that has grown in popularity toContinue reading “Visiting the Birthplace of the Stromboli”

Heading to Paulie Gee’s for Slices and Nostalgia

Back in early April I wrote about my search for top-notch slice shops in the Philly region. While the area isn’t hurting for good pizzerias, many of the better ones don’t offer slices and I don’t always want to get an entire pie – especially at lunch-time. Online browsing turned up a couple of placesContinue reading “Heading to Paulie Gee’s for Slices and Nostalgia”

Going Home to My First Pizza

The earliest memories I have of eating pizza – when I was very young in the late 60s – are set at Longhitano’s, a Southampton, PA, pizzeria that my parents and I frequented during our first few years living in that Bucks County town. The address they occupied in those days has passed to aContinue reading “Going Home to My First Pizza”

A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game

I had planned on returning to posting about food today with a cheesesteak report. But my wife mentioned an interest in pizza Saturday and there is a pizzeria near us I had been wanting to try since discovering them online a couple months ago. So the steak will hold until later in the week. HunnypieContinue reading “A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game”

Finally Getting My Santucci’s Pizza Fix

On more than one occasion, when discussing sauce-on-top – or upside-down – pizza, I’ve mentioned a Philly-area chain of pizzerias called Santucci’s. While it’s taken much longer than it should have, I’m finally getting around to devoting an entire post to them.  It’s actually incorrect to refer to them as a single chain. There areContinue reading “Finally Getting My Santucci’s Pizza Fix”

Searching for a Great Slice of Pizza

The current primary topic of interest in my food-obsessed mind is pizza. I’ve been thinking about it increasingly since having the great pie at Joey’s Pizza that I wrote about a couple weeks ago. And as you’d expect, I don’t want to settle for just any pizza. So I started researching the best current optionsContinue reading “Searching for a Great Slice of Pizza”

Revisiting a Favorite for another Steak and Pie

A select few of the many places I’ve visited for cheesesteaks since starting this blog in 2021 have excelled at both steaks and pizza. One was Joey’s Pizza of Thorndale, PA, which served one of the steaks I placed among the honorable mentions on my Top 10 list last year. But that was overshadowed byContinue reading “Revisiting a Favorite for another Steak and Pie”

My Roadfood Pantheon

I had planned on following my usual pattern by going out for some sort of long-roll sandwich yesterday and reporting on it here today. But I’ve got a very hefty meal planned for Friday and my body was telling me to take it easy until then.  So to hold you over, I’ve put together aContinue reading “My Roadfood Pantheon”

The Thrill of Eating and the Agony of Defeat

Since moving considerably south of the friends with whom I have traditionally watched football, I’ve usually been on my own for the Super Bowl – and this year was no exception. But I wasn’t going to allow that to get in the way of planning and executing a menu that would be worthy of theContinue reading “The Thrill of Eating and the Agony of Defeat”