Red Sausage Gravy

I’ve posted several times about my Sunday or red gravy. I tend to crave it, as well as the process of making it, when the weather starts to turn cooler in the fall.  The types of meat I use to flavor the gravy sometimes depends on what I have in the freezer. That happened toContinue reading “Red Sausage Gravy”

Stepping Up My Sunday Gravy Game with Pork Neck Bones

One of the reasons I went with a cheesesteak instead of pasta Saturday at Johnny Paisano’s was my plan to spend Sunday making red gravy with sausage. I tend to make fairly large batches of Sunday Gravy and eat it over pasta on a nearly nightly basis until it’s gone. And I was extra psychedContinue reading “Stepping Up My Sunday Gravy Game with Pork Neck Bones”