Old-School Cantonese Hiding in Plain Sight

I’ve written about the dearth of quality old-school Chinese restaurants that specialize in Americanized Cantonese cuisine around the Philadelphia region a few times. It turns out I had been overlooking one that’s been in plain sight for years.  China Garden Inn of Willow Grove, which is north of Philly, in Montgomery County, has probably beenContinue reading “Old-School Cantonese Hiding in Plain Sight”

The Collegeville Italian Bakery: Part 2

As I’m sure regular readers have noticed, in addition to working my way through the last handful of steak shops on my list that I’ve yet to visit, I have also been revisiting some of the places I wrote about last year. Aside from the need to refresh my memory on how a few ofContinue reading “The Collegeville Italian Bakery: Part 2”

When a Gorgeous Setting Isn’t Enough

In a recent post that was partially about the lunch my wife and I enjoyed at the three-century old Spring House Tavern, I mentioned that there were several other historic taverns and inns within a few miles of there. We visited another from that group – the Joseph Ambler Inn of North Wales, Pennsylvania –Continue reading “When a Gorgeous Setting Isn’t Enough”

Returning to a Cuisine I Abandoned Years Ago

There was a period when I ate Thai food with some regularity, but it was 20-30 years ago. For some reason – perhaps just a narrow palate – I concluded that I have a decided preference for Chinese food and didn’t eat much Thai from that point on.  But we were getting together with myContinue reading “Returning to a Cuisine I Abandoned Years Ago”

Lunch at a Historic Tavern and the Best Doughnuts Ever

My wife’s friend, Jen, the new queen of cagey, lives in California, but she sent my wife – with me tagging along – to an address in a northern suburb of Philadelphia to collect her birthday gift. We had no idea what that gift would be.  But the address was for the Whole Foods supermarketContinue reading “Lunch at a Historic Tavern and the Best Doughnuts Ever”