Elite Cheesesteaks Made on Four Wheels

I added a note to the bottom of my last post to alert you that I’d be checking out a new sandwich shop that serves a highly touted cheesesteak Tuesday. It turned out I was only partially right about that. Gazzos Steaks of Pottstown, PA, serves those steaks out of a food truck rather than an actual shop. 

Pottstown is in far western Montgomery County and about an hour from both where I live and Philadelphia. But “Montco” is part of the Philly region and this place has been getting a lot of big-time raves from the Cheesesteak Gurus on Facebook, so I felt obliged to make the ride out there to try their steak. 

While I had seen photos of Gazzo’s truck over the past couple months, I was under the mistaken impression that they used it for catering in addition to having a physical shop. The realization that they are fully based out of the truck hit me Monday while I was looking up the best way to get there online. They are off to the side of a small parking lot and have a few picnic tables next to the truck for those wishing to eat on-site. 

Gazzos Steaks of Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Gazzos is just off of busy PA Rt. 100 and close to a large intersection.
The truck is off to the side of this small parking lot.
That’s the Upper Pottsgrove Township Government and Police building across the intersection.

Their menu is smaller than most brick and mortar sandwich shops, but there was only one item on it that mattered to me. I ordered my cheesesteak with fried onions. It comes standard with a seeded roll and Cooper Sharp, although other cheese options – including Cooper Wiz – are available.

The temperature was around 40 with a moderate wind and the sun was behind clouds, but I opted to eat at an open picnic table rather than inside of my car. The small size of the lot and the fact that I was parked right next to the door of the building there influenced my hesitancy to eat in the car, something I’ve done for a few other sandwich reports, including last week’s Italian hoagie

The steak was cooked fresh to order, so there was close to a 10 minute wait. But that’s preferable to more quickly getting a sandwich with meat that has been pre-cooked and sitting on the grill. 

The W stands for “with,” meaning with fried onions.

Out of the close to 100 cheesesteaks I’ve eaten since starting this blog, there have been only a few that made me do a double-take and think, “Wow!,” the instant I took the first bite. And this was one of them. 

Some of the photos I saw of Gazzos’ steaks prior to trying one led me to believe that they may be in the same category as the seemingly trendy overstuffed steaks with way too much cheese that I’ve mildly complained about a few times. But I was wrong about that. I would guess there was around three-quarters of a pound of chopped ribeye on there, which felt pretty close to ideal while I was eating it. And it was both juicy and extremely well seasoned. 

The cheese was also perfectly proportioned to the meat and mixed in beautifully throughout, as were the well-fried onions.

I intended to stop at the ordering window to ask where they get their rolls after finishing my sandwich, but a line had developed and they looked busy, so I just kept walking to my car. I couldn’t place the source, but it was certainly above average, with a chewy crust and strong body that felt extremely fresh. When I called them the following morning to inquire on the subject, I was told that’s a closely guarded secret, but the owner then kindly divulged that they have an uncle with a bakery who takes care of their needs.

As I’ve already indicated in a couple past posts, I’ll likely be revisiting my Top 10 Cheesesteaks list from September later this year with an eye on making any additions and deletions that I feel are necessary based on the steaks I’ll have eaten since its initial release. When that happens, Gazzos Steaks will certainly get a long look and I suspect will wind up on the revised list.

And who knows? If their reputation and popularity keep building, maybe they’ll have moved out of the truck and into a brick and mortar shop by then.

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4 thoughts on “Elite Cheesesteaks Made on Four Wheels

  1. I think you need to return 3 more times for the other sandwiches!

    And try the fries. I see Gazzo’s uses peanut oil and I love the flavor it gives…great for popcorn, too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t order fries very often, although I don’t mind when they come with a burger. I like good ones, but I tend to get full easily and don’t want to use up valuable appetite on fries, preferring instead to save it for the things that matter more to me; like a shake or perhaps a bigger sandwich or burger.


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