Weekend Road-Trip to Cleveland

Most of my wife’s relatives live in the Cleveland area, so we go there periodically, including the past couple days. Unless you’ve got a lot of extra time on your hands, allowing you to take the Lincoln Highway across Pennsylvania into Ohio, the drive from Philly to Cleveland on the PA and OH Turnpikes isContinue reading “Weekend Road-Trip to Cleveland”

Getting Our Kicks on the Mother Road: Chicago to St. Louis, 2011

I would guess most people that like to drive around less touristy parts of the country in search of charming small towns, historical gems and regional food specialties, like I do, have given some thought to driving Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Some have been fortunate enough to do it. I’m not oneContinue reading “Getting Our Kicks on the Mother Road: Chicago to St. Louis, 2011”

I see a cheesesteak pattern developing

While the intensity of my cheesesteak craving has died down a bit from where it was for much of the Summer, the completist within is driving me to push forward in a foolish quest to try all of the highly-rated steaks I’ve read about since discovering the cheesesteak blog and Facebook group I referred toContinue reading “I see a cheesesteak pattern developing”