On the Road: The Leftovers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any trip reports; be they old or new. After going through my online photo archives, I unfortunately determined that I don’t have any other vacations documented well enough to do a comprehensive report. But I do have some odds and ends from various trips and decided to combineContinue reading “On the Road: The Leftovers”

The Dandelion of Philadelphia, PA

For my final pre-holiday lunch, I met up with yet another friend and former colleague at The Dandelion, an English-themed restaurant in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia’s downtown. I’ve been there a few times before, including once for afternoon tea with my wife. But this was my first visit in a few years.  ItContinue reading “The Dandelion of Philadelphia, PA”

Old School Burgers: Willow Grove, PA

Yesterday I wrote about a place called The Hot Dog Stand that has better burgers than hot dogs. Today I am posting on Old School Burgers, which has better cheesesteaks than burgers. Actually, their full name is Old School Burgers, Dogs & Shakes, but that’s a bit much to put in a title and I’m notContinue reading “Old School Burgers: Willow Grove, PA”

Kansas City 2017: Burgers, Barbecue, History (part 2)

We had more history-oriented sight-seeing on tap the day after our side-trip to central Missouri. Sight-seeing requires energy, so we stopped for another burger and malt first.  One of the Kansas City burger joints I’d known about for years due to its presence on the roadfood web site was Winstead’s. They have fifties style decorContinue reading “Kansas City 2017: Burgers, Barbecue, History (part 2)”

Charlie’s Hamburgers

I grew up in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia, then lived in Center City – downtown Philly for those not from these parts – for 15 years before moving out to Delaware County, which is southwest of the city, in 2012. We did so for logistical reasons having to do with my wife’s commute toContinue reading “Charlie’s Hamburgers”