Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving

I had been jonesing for a meatball sandwich for what seemed like a long time. The last one I ate was from DiNic’s at the Reading Terminal Market in early October of last year – and that was the first one I had eaten in quite a while. A little over seven months may notContinue reading “Satisfying My Meatball Sandwich Craving”

A Pre-Meal Warm-Up: This Year’s Thanksgiving Recipe

This blog was only a couple months old last Thanksgiving when I marked the holiday by sharing the corn pudding recipe that I usually prepare for a Turkey Day side dish. For 2022, I’m posting the recipe for another dish we’ve had annually on Thanksgiving for at least the past 30 years; but as anContinue reading “A Pre-Meal Warm-Up: This Year’s Thanksgiving Recipe”

Red Sausage Gravy

I’ve posted several times about my Sunday or red gravy. I tend to crave it, as well as the process of making it, when the weather starts to turn cooler in the fall.  The types of meat I use to flavor the gravy sometimes depends on what I have in the freezer. That happened toContinue reading “Red Sausage Gravy”