A New Favorite Cheesesteak, at least for now

I met a former colleague for lunch today at Charlie’s Roast Pork in South Philadelphia. While they have a very traditional South Philly sandwich shop name and menu, Charlie’s has only been around for a couple years. May they stay in business for 100 more based on the tremendous dining experience I had there. MyContinue reading “A New Favorite Cheesesteak, at least for now”

Old School Burgers: Willow Grove, PA

Yesterday I wrote about a place called The Hot Dog Stand that has better burgers than hot dogs. Today I am posting on Old School Burgers, which has better cheesesteaks than burgers. Actually, their full name is Old School Burgers, Dogs & Shakes, but that’s a bit much to put in a title and I’m notContinue reading “Old School Burgers: Willow Grove, PA”

Back With Old Friends (and another cheesesteak)

I’ve been friends with the guys standing to my left and right in the above photo for a combined 88 years. But before today, we hadn’t seen each other since a Christmas party in 2019 due primarily to the COVID situation.  The three of us and our wives enjoyed each other’s company again over lunchContinue reading “Back With Old Friends (and another cheesesteak)”

A New Favorite: Cafe Carmela of Northeast Philly

Cafe Carmela first came to my attention on the Cheesesteak Guru Facebook page. That group has over 50,000 members and is almost certainly the best source for well-informed opinions on which Philly area establishments offer the best steaks. It’s a common occurrence to see members list their top five cheesesteaks, and one of the placesContinue reading “A New Favorite: Cafe Carmela of Northeast Philly”

Weekly Review: Sofie’s Steaks

I’ve driven past Sofie’s Steaks in Morton, PA, a number of times and have wanted try them for a while. The fact that they were closed down for a fairly long time delayed that. But I noticed recently that they’ve re-opened and decided to give them a shot as my weekly cheesesteak. Sofie’s offers bothContinue reading “Weekly Review: Sofie’s Steaks”

I see a cheesesteak pattern developing

While the intensity of my cheesesteak craving has died down a bit from where it was for much of the Summer, the completist within is driving me to push forward in a foolish quest to try all of the highly-rated steaks I’ve read about since discovering the cheesesteak blog and Facebook group I referred toContinue reading “I see a cheesesteak pattern developing”

The Best Cheesesteak Rivalry in Philly

Had I called this post, “The Most Famous Cheesesteak Rivalry in Philly,” there would be little doubt as to which two steak shops I was referring. Pat’s, the originator of the cheesesteak, and Geno’ sit across a busy South Philly intersection from each other, iconic neon light displays blasting away.  However, many cheesesteak aficionados considerContinue reading “The Best Cheesesteak Rivalry in Philly”

Cheesesteaks: The great craving of 2021 has passed

As I mentioned last week in a post on this blog, l have been laboring under an intense craving for cheesesteaks during roughly the past month-and-a-half. I’ve loved cheesesteaks for many years, but I’m fairly sure I’ve never eaten as many in the span of a couple months as I have since July. Actually, theContinue reading “Cheesesteaks: The great craving of 2021 has passed”

Feeding my cheesesteak craving

I love food and live in the home region of the cheesesteak. While I can also say I love cheesesteaks, I don’t normally eat them all that often; maybe a few per year typically. But lately, I can’t seem to get enough of them. I think this came about in part upon my discovery ofContinue reading “Feeding my cheesesteak craving”