How to Make a Peach Milkshake

One of my dining highlights of 2021 was a peach milkshake from Ridgefield Ice Cream in Connecticut. I don’t expect to be in that neck of the woods again any time soon, and I had a hankering for a peach shake, so I decided to make one. My grandfather taught me to make milkshakes atContinue reading “How to Make a Peach Milkshake”

Jade Garden of Dresher, PA for Old-School Chinese

I mentioned in my ode to the retro Chinese food I grew up eating that there were a couple restaurants that fit the bill in the Philly suburbs I hoped to get to in the coming months. It turned out that one of those – Golden Dragon –  is still only open for takeout. WhileContinue reading “Jade Garden of Dresher, PA for Old-School Chinese”

Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA

Media is the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which borders Philadelphia to the west. It’s got an adorable little downtown with lots of small stores and restaurants, including a few sandwich shops. I’ve already written about my cheesesteak-eating experience at Big Al’s Eatery, which sits at the eastern end of downtown Media. Today, IContinue reading “Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA”

The Diner and the Inn

Cheesesteaks are great, but it’s nice to branch out on occasion. And to that end, I made plans to meet my mother for an early lunch at a local establishment known for serving spectacular breakfast dishes into the afternoon. Unfortunately, they were extremely crowded and had a relatively long wait for a table. We wereContinue reading “The Diner and the Inn”

Cheesesteak of the Week: Stoli’s of Northeast Philly

I toyed with the idea of crossing the Delaware River to start exploring the top steak shops in South Jersey for lunch today, but instead opted to finish off Northeast Philly first. I only had one cheesesteak left to try in that section of the city; at Stoli’s, which is in a small shopping centerContinue reading “Cheesesteak of the Week: Stoli’s of Northeast Philly”

Calling a Food Audible for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is much bigger than just the game itself. There are the parties, commercials, the betting on everything from the outcome of the coin toss to which team will score first, and of course, there is the food. As a traditionalist, I tend to stick with the basics when it comes to whatContinue reading “Calling a Food Audible for Super Bowl Sunday”

Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA

I’ve begun to work my way through the list I compiled earlier this week of the remaining cheesesteaks I need to eat before I can put out my rankings of the top 10 for the Philly region. From my raw observations, there are four places in particular that seem to get singled out the mostContinue reading “Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA”

Pica’s Rectangular, Sauce-on-Top Pizza

It was only about seven or eight years ago that I discovered the existence of a style of pizza unique to the Philadelphia region. It is rectangular or square with the layer of cheese, which is laid down as slices rather than shredded, covered completely by the sauce. In parts of the region, most pizzeriasContinue reading “Pica’s Rectangular, Sauce-on-Top Pizza”

Cheesesteak on Garlic Bread at Big Al’s Eatery

Big Al’s Eatery of Media, Pennsylvania, has been on my radar with an intent to stop in for a little while thanks to their high rating on the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure blog. But rather than order the usual basic cheesesteak on a standard roll, I decided to change things up a bit today. Big Al’sContinue reading “Cheesesteak on Garlic Bread at Big Al’s Eatery”

New England: 2010-2015

I’m in a bit of a travel lull and have reported on most of the old vacations for which I have digital photographic records. Unfortunately, I was a little late in getting on board with digital photography and don’t have anything easily accessible for the first five or so years my wife and I traveledContinue reading “New England: 2010-2015”