The Ten Best Things I Ate In 2022

I pondered several different approaches to writing a year-end round-up and settled on picking the ten best things I ate away from home during 2022.

The year was disproportionately devoted to cheesesteaks. I’ve eaten more of them than in any other year by a wide margin. But I’ve already posted my list of the ten best steaks, so it would have been redundant to have this list dominated by the same sandwich.

That being the case, I am only including two of them. These two stood out from the rest of the many cheesesteaks I ate this year.

I’m not ranking the ten entries. That would be virtually impossible. How can one compare a pizza to a cheesesteak or ice cream? I’ve listed them in the order they were eaten.


The Ten Best Things I Ate in 2022

Pizza at Joey’s Pizza

Posted January 17: Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Not only was this the best pizza I had while out on the cheesesteak trail; it’s probably the best I’ve ever had in the Philly metro area.

Clams Casino at Anthony’s Ristorante

Posted May 20: Springfield (Delaware County), Pennsylvania

I’ve loved clams casino for most of my life and immediately placed these among the best version’s I’ve tried upon taking my first bite.

Doughnuts at Curiosity Doughnuts

Posted May 31: Spring House, Pennsylvania

These babies were incredible. They melt in your mouth and the flavors are sublime. For people with very big sweet-tooths only.

Turtle Parfait with Soft-Serve Ice Cream at Dairy Palace

Posted July 11: New Castle, Delaware

I’ve also had a lot of soft-serve ice cream in my ever-lengthening life. And this was unquestionably one of the two best in terms of both flavor and texture, with Ridgefield Ice Cream in Connecticut serving the other.

Pastrami on Rye at Hershel’ Eastside Deli

Posted July 21: Reading Terminal Market/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hershel’s serves my favorite pastrami in Philly. They prepare it in-house and hand-carve it – Katz’s style.

Cheesesteak Angelo’s Pizzeria

Posted August 11: Philadelphia, PA

This sandwich came in number one on both my Top 10 Cheesesteaks and Top 5 Rolls lists. Angelo’s elevates the steak sandwich to a new level.

Cheesesteak at Goomba’s Pizzaria

Posted September 16: Colmar, Pennsylvania

I enjoyed my first steak at Goomba’s very much. They were already assured a spot in my top ten. But the one I had on my return visit vaulted them all the way up to the number two spot. It was remarkable in every way.

Meatball Sandwich at DiNic’s 

Posted October 6: Reading Terminal Market/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Probably my favorite meatball sandwich. The roll, meatballs, sauce and Provolone cheese all combine for a wonderful eating experience.

Smoked Brisket at Jesse’s Barbecue & Local Market

Posted November 30: Souderton, Pennsylvania

This was Texas Hill Country-level smoked brisket in the northern Philly burbs. It was divine both texturally and flavor-wise.

Cheeseburger at Crisp Chik’n

Posted December 14: Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

I can’t say whether this would have made my list if I had eaten many great burgers in 2022, as I do most years. But with my focus on cheesesteaks, I ate few burgers and this was far and away the best of the lot. It was only a couple weeks ago and I can still almost taste it.

Honorable Mentions for Two Things I made at Home

Wrapless Smoked Spare Ribs 

Posted October 1

I had never smoked pork ribs without wrapping them for part of the cooking process until this occasion. And I will probably never do it again after polishing off this rack.

Red Sausage Gravy

Posted November 14

My regular readers know I make a lot of Sunday Gravy – or red sauce – with various kinds of meat. This one with hot Italian sausage – both links and ground formed into meatballs – was without question one of the best and most flavorful I’ve ever made.

Thanks to everyone for reading along in 2022. I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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