A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less

It was only last month that I referred to an area in Philadelphia’s northern suburbs that runs through Southampton, Feasterville-Trevose, and a sliver of far Northeast Philly as a cheesesteak hot spot. There are a half-dozen steak shops within about 15 minutes of each other that all receive raves – albeit with varying degrees ofContinue reading “A Pair of Steak Shops That Do More With Less”

Going Home to My First Pizza

The earliest memories I have of eating pizza – when I was very young in the late 60s – are set at Longhitano’s, a Southampton, PA, pizzeria that my parents and I frequented during our first few years living in that Bucks County town. The address they occupied in those days has passed to aContinue reading “Going Home to My First Pizza”

A Cheesesteak Change of Pace

Pretzel rolls have become an increasingly popular alternative for hamburgers and other types of sandwiches in recent years. But I had never heard of one being used for a cheesesteak until seeing a positive review for Jay’s Steak & Hoagie Joint of Langhorne, PA, which specializes in them. After several days of indecisiveness between goingContinue reading “A Cheesesteak Change of Pace”

Pinch Me – I Think I’m Dreaming

In a few early posts, I wrote about my food-themed travels primarily in the Midwest and New England. One of the restaurant genres for which I was always on the make during those trips was old-school hamburger and hot dog joints with an abundance of roadfood charm.  Carl’s Drive-In just outside of St. Louis andContinue reading “Pinch Me – I Think I’m Dreaming”

A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game

I had planned on returning to posting about food today with a cheesesteak report. But my wife mentioned an interest in pizza Saturday and there is a pizzeria near us I had been wanting to try since discovering them online a couple months ago. So the steak will hold until later in the week. HunnypieContinue reading “A New Pizzeria and the Expectations Game”

The Brahms Symphonies

In light of having to take a brief respite from posting on what I eat, it seemed like a good time to return to my periodic series on symphony recordings. Brahms has been one of my two or three favorite composers for nearly as long as I’ve been listening to classical music, so I’m pastContinue reading “The Brahms Symphonies”

Can Number One Remain on Its Lofty Perch

After Posting one of my all-time raves about the cheesesteak I had from Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philadelphia last summer – then again after ranking them number one on my top ten list – I received mostly positive feedback from people who agreed with my lofty view of them. But there were also a fewContinue reading “Can Number One Remain on Its Lofty Perch”

Striking Burger Gold in Media, PA

Although cheesesteaks and pizza are two important parts of any balanced diet,  after focusing primarily on them for a couple weeks, I was ready for something different. What it would be was the question. The answer was determined by the fact that it had been nearly a couple months since my last good burger, andContinue reading “Striking Burger Gold in Media, PA”

Going Un-chopped in South Philly

Although I’ve written overwhelmingly about cheesesteaks that feature chopped meat, there are still stands and shops in the area that sell steaks with un-chopped – or slab – beef. The two notable slab-style sandwiches I’ve posted about have been those from Steve’s Prince of Steaks and Trev’s.  While neither of those places are in SouthContinue reading “Going Un-chopped in South Philly”

Finally Getting My Santucci’s Pizza Fix

On more than one occasion, when discussing sauce-on-top – or upside-down – pizza, I’ve mentioned a Philly-area chain of pizzerias called Santucci’s. While it’s taken much longer than it should have, I’m finally getting around to devoting an entire post to them.  It’s actually incorrect to refer to them as a single chain. There areContinue reading “Finally Getting My Santucci’s Pizza Fix”