Anna’s Sandwich Shop: Folsom, PA

Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs is a region of sandwich shops. I would doubt any other metropolitan area in the U.S. has as many family-owned deli’s, steak and hoagie shops and pizzerias that sell an array of long-roll sandwiches per capita. And among the suburban counties outside of Philly, my unscientific judgement is that DelawareContinue reading “Anna’s Sandwich Shop: Folsom, PA”

Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022

I decided to break in 2022 before it has a chance to get settled. Of course, that means a cheesesteak.  As I visited my father today, and he isn’t that far from Northeast Philly, my Plan A was to try an Italian deli in that part of the city that has a very highly ratedContinue reading “Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022”

My 2021 Food Highlights

Another unusual year has come and just about gone. It would be remiss of me to pass up an opportunity to do a year-end roundup of my culinary highlights of 2021. I’ve actually only been blogging since September and don’t have a record of everything I’ve eaten going back to the start of the year.Continue reading “My 2021 Food Highlights”

Holy Que! Finishing 2021 on a High Note

Although the Southern Barbecue options in the Philadelphia region have improved in recent years, it’s still far from a hot-bed for that most carnivorous of food genres. By many accounts, the best barbecue joint in the area the past few years has been Mike’s in South Philly. After my experience today, I would have toContinue reading “Holy Que! Finishing 2021 on a High Note”

CinCin: Chinese Food Elegance

At the suggestion of my long-time friend and colleague, Virginia, she and I ventured to the delightfully quaint Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia for lunch at CinCin. I ate a lot of meals in Chestnut Hill during the 90s and CinCin was one of my somewhat regular haunts back then. But this was the firstContinue reading “CinCin: Chinese Food Elegance”

The Dandelion of Philadelphia, PA

For my final pre-holiday lunch, I met up with yet another friend and former colleague at The Dandelion, an English-themed restaurant in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia’s downtown. I’ve been there a few times before, including once for afternoon tea with my wife. But this was my first visit in a few years.  ItContinue reading “The Dandelion of Philadelphia, PA”

Da Chen Chinese Restaurant

I’ve been bemoaning the lack of classic Cantonese restaurants in the Philadelphia region on here, but there is a place that is only about 15 minutes from me that fits the bill pretty well. The lack of foil-wrapped chicken on their menu takes a little of the luster off from my perspective, and I wasContinue reading “Da Chen Chinese Restaurant”

Back on the Cheesesteak Treadmill

I had an errand to run today that took me through Havertown, Pennsylvania, which is where Centrella’s Deli and Italian Market is located. I’ve read good things about their cheesesteaks, so I decided to stop in and take one out on my way home. Their standard cheesesteak comes with American cheese, but I upgraded toContinue reading “Back on the Cheesesteak Treadmill”

Sang Kee Peking Duck House

While Sang Kee Peking Duck House does not fit into the mold of old-school Cantonese restaurants that I posted on recently, they are one of the oldest surviving restaurants in Philadelphia’s Chinatown. They were also one of the first that didn’t fit that mold. Sang Kee’s reputation was built on its Kong-style barbecued meats andContinue reading “Sang Kee Peking Duck House”