The Best Pizza I Ate on the Cheesesteak Trail

When I was growing up, almost all of the places I was aware of that sold cheesesteaks also had pizza on the menu. That’s probably still the case more often than not in the Philly region. So when I knew in advance that a restaurant I would be visiting for a cheesesteak was known toContinue reading “The Best Pizza I Ate on the Cheesesteak Trail”

Top Five Cheesesteak Rolls

Those of you who have read at least a few of my cheesesteak posts probably realize by now that I prefer sturdy to soft rolls. In this context, ‘sturdy’ relates primarily to the crust and can mean that it either is at least slightly crispy or has a chewy quality to it that is usuallyContinue reading “Top Five Cheesesteak Rolls”

My Year-Long Cheesesteak Odyssey – and What’s Next

*There is an alphabetical list of links to all of my cheesesteak posts at the bottom of this post. While I’ve always lived in the Philadelphia region, I didn’t start eating cheesesteaks at the rate of a little over one per week until roughly a year ago. It was at that point that circumstances andContinue reading “My Year-Long Cheesesteak Odyssey – and What’s Next”

Finishing My Cheesesteak Trail on a High Note

I could and very well may go on eating cheesesteaks in perpetuity. But it’s long been my intention to put out a Top 10 list for the Philly region at some point. In order to do that, I have to determine when I’ve sampled all of the steaks that have a realistic chance of makingContinue reading “Finishing My Cheesesteak Trail on a High Note”

Another Late Addition: Michael’s of Woodlyn, PA

After eating less than expected yesterday, I didn’t feel the need to wait until late in the week to get my next cheesesteak. I’m hoping to finish off all of the steak shops I want to include in my survey by Friday or Saturday, so I can put out my “Best-of” posts next week. ThatContinue reading “Another Late Addition: Michael’s of Woodlyn, PA”

Pat’s and Not Quite Geno’s

The two most iconic steak shops in Philly are unquestionably Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s Steaks. They sit across the street from each other and have been rivals for many years. Pat’s was founded in 1930 by Pat Olivieri, who is credited as being the man who created the cheesesteak. Geno’s goes back toContinue reading “Pat’s and Not Quite Geno’s”

A Final Pair in Jersey

I was able to close out the New Jersey portion of my cheesesteaks list today with the help of my friend Pete. There were two destinations remaining on it this morning, and we split a steak at each.  Both places were a fairly short ride from two of the bridges that link Philly and SouthContinue reading “A Final Pair in Jersey”

Back to South Philly to Revisit Last Year’s Best

The restaurant that serves the best cheesesteak to cross my lips in 2021 is going through a branding change. Granted – I didn’t get to most of the heavy hitters until this year. But the steak I had there with Cheese Whiz – rather than the usual Cooper Sharp or American – back in DecemberContinue reading “Back to South Philly to Revisit Last Year’s Best”

Guido’s: Bringing a Little Brooklyn to Philly Steaks

I’ve returned to a couple places that confirmed their top tier status recently. But it’s been a few weeks since I have tried a steak that was both new to me and extremely impressive. That mini slump came to an end today with my first visit to Guido’s Steaks of Bensalem, PA, which is inContinue reading “Guido’s: Bringing a Little Brooklyn to Philly Steaks”

The Meat and Cheese: When Is a Lot Too Much?

I’ve increasingly been touching on what may be the cheesesteak issue of our time lately. That would be the split between those who look for massive quantities of meat and cheese on every steak they order and aren’t satisfied unless they get it; and those who can be perfectly happy with a moderate amount ofContinue reading “The Meat and Cheese: When Is a Lot Too Much?”