Semolina Pizzeria of Southampton, PA

As promised in a recent post on my pizza roots, I returned to Semolina Pizzeria in Southampton, Pennsylvania – the town in which I grew up – after finding out the hard way last week that they are closed Tuesdays.  My friend, Andy, and I met there for lunch today – a Thursday. It’s aContinue reading “Semolina Pizzeria of Southampton, PA”

… Dude, Let’s Go Bowling

I bowled a lot for a few years during my teens. That included a Saturday morning league for a while. In fact, four other guys from my league and I won the Bucks County, PA team championship for our age group in 1980 or ‘81.  Bowlers’ burnout cut my competitive bowling days short. Since thenContinue reading “… Dude, Let’s Go Bowling”

Back to My Pizza Roots

When dining out, I try to always have a Plan B ready in case my original plan doesn’t come to fruition. I’ve had more than a few occasions over the years when a restaurant at which I intended to eat was closed for one reason or another. Yesterday was one such occasion. I had intendedContinue reading “Back to My Pizza Roots”

Delco Steaks: Avoiding the Soggy Roll Problem

Delco Steaks’ reputation and popularity have been growing lately. They are in expansion mode and even have a stand at the arena where the Sixers and Flyers play. I’ve reported on them a couple times already; once each for their original Broomall spot and the newer Ridley location. But I didn’t feel I was gettingContinue reading “Delco Steaks: Avoiding the Soggy Roll Problem”

Phil & Jim’s Cheesesteaks: The Sum of its parts

I gave credit to Jim Pappas and his Cheesesteak Adventure blog in a couple of my early cheesesteak posts back in September of last year. He is currently running his third annual March Cheesesteak Madness contest, which has local judges picking the best cheesesteak in the Philly region. There are 64 sandwiches broken down intoContinue reading “Phil & Jim’s Cheesesteaks: The Sum of its parts”

A Tale of Two Cheesesteaks: Jersey Style

After threatening to do so in a post a couple weeks ago, I finally crossed the Delaware today – not to fight Hessian mercenaries, but to eat cheesesteaks. Granted, like General Washington and his troops on that fateful night, I didn’t venture very deep into New Jersey to take care of business.  While most ofContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cheesesteaks: Jersey Style”

Johnny Paisano’s of Springfield, PA

Johnny Paisano’s was one of the first cheesesteak joints that I reported on here. I loved the first steak that I took out from them, but there was an issue with the second one. It was assembled haphazardly, with the meat and cheese distributed very unevenly. I had a feeling that was not their normContinue reading “Johnny Paisano’s of Springfield, PA”

It’s About Time: Curly’s Creations of Levittown, PA

I struggled a bit with how to headline this post. It includes reports on three different cheesesteak shops I’ve eaten at over the past couple days, one of which was a second visit to the place that served the cheesesteak I picked as the best I ate during 2021. But one of the two sandwichesContinue reading “It’s About Time: Curly’s Creations of Levittown, PA”

Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA

Media is the county seat of Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which borders Philadelphia to the west. It’s got an adorable little downtown with lots of small stores and restaurants, including a few sandwich shops. I’ve already written about my cheesesteak-eating experience at Big Al’s Eatery, which sits at the eastern end of downtown Media. Today, IContinue reading “Pompei’s State Street Sandwiches: Media, PA”

Cheesesteak of the Week: Stoli’s of Northeast Philly

I toyed with the idea of crossing the Delaware River to start exploring the top steak shops in South Jersey for lunch today, but instead opted to finish off Northeast Philly first. I only had one cheesesteak left to try in that section of the city; at Stoli’s, which is in a small shopping centerContinue reading “Cheesesteak of the Week: Stoli’s of Northeast Philly”