Calling a Food Audible for Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is much bigger than just the game itself. There are the parties, commercials, the betting on everything from the outcome of the coin toss to which team will score first, and of course, there is the food. As a traditionalist, I tend to stick with the basics when it comes to whatContinue reading “Calling a Food Audible for Super Bowl Sunday”

Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA

I’ve begun to work my way through the list I compiled earlier this week of the remaining cheesesteaks I need to eat before I can put out my rankings of the top 10 for the Philly region. From my raw observations, there are four places in particular that seem to get singled out the mostContinue reading “Another Great Cheesesteak: Goomba’s of Colmar, PA”

Cheesesteak on Garlic Bread at Big Al’s Eatery

Big Al’s Eatery of Media, Pennsylvania, has been on my radar with an intent to stop in for a little while thanks to their high rating on the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure blog. But rather than order the usual basic cheesesteak on a standard roll, I decided to change things up a bit today. Big Al’sContinue reading “Cheesesteak on Garlic Bread at Big Al’s Eatery”

A New Addition to My Top Tier: Da Vinci’s

I believe it was in the comments beneath one of my recent cheesesteak posts that I addressed how many more steak shops I need to visit before I can put out a list of my favorites in the Philly region.  Based on which places routinely get cited as being among the best by the veryContinue reading “A New Addition to My Top Tier: Da Vinci’s”

Finally, Kosher Salami; and Another Cheesesteak

I can’t say whether the two are related in any way, but since around the time that Covid first hit the U.S., it’s been difficult to find kosher salami in supermarkets and other stores that used to stock it. I know this isn’t just a phenomenon of the Philadelphia area, where I live, because I’veContinue reading “Finally, Kosher Salami; and Another Cheesesteak”

Taking the Lincoln Highway to Joey’s Pizza

The Lincoln Highway, which was dedicated in 1913 and was the first cross-country road for automobiles in the United States, cuts a path through Philadelphia’s western suburbs, including parts of the storied Main Line. In the central Chester County town of Thorndale, and right on the Lincoln Highway, sits Joey’s Pizza. Its food is worthyContinue reading “Taking the Lincoln Highway to Joey’s Pizza”

Anna’s Sandwich Shop: Folsom, PA

Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs is a region of sandwich shops. I would doubt any other metropolitan area in the U.S. has as many family-owned deli’s, steak and hoagie shops and pizzerias that sell an array of long-roll sandwiches per capita. And among the suburban counties outside of Philly, my unscientific judgement is that DelawareContinue reading “Anna’s Sandwich Shop: Folsom, PA”

Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022

I decided to break in 2022 before it has a chance to get settled. Of course, that means a cheesesteak.  As I visited my father today, and he isn’t that far from Northeast Philly, my Plan A was to try an Italian deli in that part of the city that has a very highly ratedContinue reading “Whiz-Wit from Delco Steaks to Kick Off 2022”

My 2021 Food Highlights

Another unusual year has come and just about gone. It would be remiss of me to pass up an opportunity to do a year-end roundup of my culinary highlights of 2021. I’ve actually only been blogging since September and don’t have a record of everything I’ve eaten going back to the start of the year.Continue reading “My 2021 Food Highlights”

Back on the Cheesesteak Treadmill

I had an errand to run today that took me through Havertown, Pennsylvania, which is where Centrella’s Deli and Italian Market is located. I’ve read good things about their cheesesteaks, so I decided to stop in and take one out on my way home. Their standard cheesesteak comes with American cheese, but I upgraded toContinue reading “Back on the Cheesesteak Treadmill”